WBA Professionals

660 John Nolen Dr, Ste 320, Madison, WI 53713 (608) 242-5151 •

Executive Director Brad Boycks

• ext. 16

Director of Communications Samantha Long • slong@

• ext. 13

Director of Operations Joan Olson

• ext. 12

Outside Legal Counsel Robert Procter (Axley) (608) 283-6742

WBA Insurance Services

Property & Casualty • The Brehmer Agency (Don Miller) • (262) 781-3714

2018 WBA Executive Committee President • Steve Atkins (BCHBA)) President-Elect • Harvey Kessel (MABA) Treasurer • Jeff Dorner (DCHBA) Secretary • Abe Degnan (MABA) Immediate Past President David Belman (MBA) Associate Vice President Kim Reed (BCHBA)

Associate Vice President-Elect Ted Peotter (WABA)

State Representative • Brian McKee (MABA) Past Officers Representative Mike Check (MCHBA)

Advocacy Chair • Steve Gryboski (BCHBA) Membership & Local Officers Chair Jane Gobler (CVHBA)

Executive Director • Brad Boycks (WBA)

2017 WBA National

Representatives & Directors

State Representative • Brian McKee (MABA) Builder-Director • Steve Atkins (BCHBA) Associate-Director • John Kassner (MABA)

NAHB Build-PAC Trustees Trustees • Ron Derrick (SCVHBA), Brian McKee (MABA)

Alternates • Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis (CVHBA), Mike Check (MCHBA)

Other Committees & Councils Building Industry Council President Brian McKee (MABA)

Finance Committee Chair • Jim Doering (MBA) WB Foundation President Greg Schaffer (MABA)