On March 5, 50 members from across the state traveled to Madison for a day filled with speakers and an opportunity to talk with their elected officials and lobby on behalf of sound public policies to improve housing in Wisconsin.

The day kicked off with a panel discussion featuring the chairs of the housing committees in State Assembly and State Senate: Representatives John Jagler and Senator Devin LeMahieu. A long list of topics which included initial thoughts on the state budget, working across the aisle on legislation this session, and goals for the upcoming session were discussed.

WBA Executive Director Brad Boycks briefed members of the results of their lobbying efforts last year (all bills were passed and signed into law) and shared statistics that all legislators should know on housing and job creation. Among them, the fact that a $1,000 increase in a home will price out over 4,000 Wisconsin families for getting a home mortgage in 2019.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue Secretary-designee Peter Barca gave the group an overview of the duties that are covered by the Department of Revenue, some thoughts on Governor Evers’ state budget, and took several questions from attendees.

Lastly, members were given a polling update during lunch by Professor Charles Franklin of the Marquette Law School Poll. Franklin’s presentation included a deep dive on the 2018 governor’s race which largely centered about greater number of voters in Dane and Milwaukee County turning out in 2018, a decrease in margin for former Governor Walker in traditionally strong areas (most notably the WOW Counties of suburban Milwaukee) and the conclusion that the general mood of the country and state was more beneficial for democrats than republicans in 2018.

The estimated one-year impact of building 1,000 single family homes in Wisconsin is 4,451 jobs while the annual recurring impact is 1,014 jobs.