15 Great Marketing Ideas for Builders and Contractors

By: Ben Lindberg, LionTree Group,

via WBA Member Construction Resource Network

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 15 marketing concepts that contractors, builders and remodelers can start working for them today.

1. Mine YOUR client base

If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else surely will. Take time to develop a nurturing plan for your past clients. Some ideas include:

• Special Offers: Make your customers feel special. Pitch them with a special offer that makes it worth their while to continue working with you.

• Email: It is a very inexpensive and unobtrusive contact point for many homeowners, and if you deliver a quality product, you will be rewarded with a reputation boost or better yet, a needy homeowner.

• Follow-up –Make it a priority to reach out once a week to customers and remind them of upcoming events, services you provided that they may not know about, or your paid referral program.

2. Hyper-local advertising

Demographic data is getting so refined, especially through the behavioral analysis offered from Facebook and Google, that you can now target down to a specific buying pattern. Take advantage of Facebook demographics to boost your special offer or reach a neighbor that fits a very specific customer trait.

3. Google-proof your website

If you are able to maximize your Google presence, it will not only drive potential buyers to your doors, but more importantly, take them off the market from less savvy competitors. Consider Google Adwords, get Google My Business working for you, and find a talented website company to help improve your organic rankings.

4. Direct Mail

Direct mail isn’t dead. In fact, it is still the only GUARANTEED impression vehicle for your message. Make the investment in a designer that will incorporate edgy graphics with your brand to pique the interest of your clients. It will pay off!

5. Job signs

Never leave a job site without your mark on the project. Develop a process and stop leaving it up to your crew to decide whether or not to ask the homeowner if it’s okay to leave a yard sign behind.

6. Refresh and relaunch your brand

We update homes every day, so let’s not forget to keep our brands up to date. Don’t try to reinvent the foundation you’ve built your business on, but a simple updating of your look including your logo design, website look and feel, or even your trucks and business cards. You will generate a buzz in the office and give your team a reason to keep talking about your business. It’s a sign that you’re still alive and growing!

7. Do a seminar

There are a lot of seminar opportunities through home products shows, training events, or even civic-minded organizations where you can showcase your industry knowledge. Seminars are a great way to work with clients that are timid.

8. Home tour with Builders organization

Build the experience you want for your homeowner to convey and they will engage with tour-goers with a special message about what its like to work with your company.