Marketing Ideas

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9. Join a club

The construction industry is the #1 business segment underrepresented in professional civic groups.

10. Leverage strategic partnerships

Partner with a local supplier or home furnishing company to hold a seminar in their showroom, or work with a financial planner to present a seminar about aging in place.

11. Press Release

Local papers and magazines are hungry for content. Feed them with important information about your business, your employees, your project stories. A well-written piece will have legs far into the future and can get you seen in places others avoid. You’ll also be able to re-post the article via Social Media or on your blog.

12. Write an article

Position yourself as THE expert in your specialty. As someone with an ear close to the ground, you can drive the conversation and extend your reach to become a go-to connection.

13. Host a radio show or podcast

Radio is still effective, especially in markets without a topic-specific show already. See if you can host a remodeling talk show that tackles homeowners’ biggest questions about maintenance tips, products and project ideas. You may be able to do a remote broadcast if you have a showroom, or you can host the broadcast from the studio. You never know, you could be the next Car Talk!

14. Open House

Host an event at your showroom. Market it as a special event. Add value with seminars or demonstrations. Remember, the leads you generate with your open house will likely be yours alone.

15. Volunteer

Become a real part of the fabric of your community. Involve your entire staff and make volunteering part of your mission. Embrace your community and in return, you’ll receive so much more than you give.