A Letter from the Editor
Being a member of WBA made me realize that besides knowing your industry and trade, you also need to know codes, DNR rules, new products and maintain professional credibility. You get all of these with a membership in WBA. –Chuck Elliot, Elliot Construction, Madison Area BA
By Alicia Naleid, Communications Manager

It was a topic that was discussed at the summer Member Meeting but is something we want to make all members aware of and get their input on.

The current contract for the Badger Builder is ending for a variety of reasons. We feel that this publication is an important, tangible tool to highlight event recaps, share educational information and industry tips. While we have no plans to end the Badger Builder, we are reevaluating where the magazine goes from here. This will be the last issue of 2019 and we plan to start fresh in 2020.

We want your help as we look ahead to change. Where do you see areas of improvement to be made? Do you want to see different content? If so, what? Do you want to see more content (ie: more pages) or is the current amount of content enough? More pictures, less writing? More writing, less pictures?

We are excited about what we can change to offer you the things you want to see so please send me an email and let me know your thoughts!