Six Emerging Construction Technologies You Need to Know About
Discover construction software and other advancements that can increase efficiency and safety

As the construction trades continue to evolve its business practices, advancements and software tools are becoming more critical than ever for continued growth. These six emerging construction technologies could help increase efficiency and safety –and might be key to the breakthrough your business needs:

1. Cloud-based collaboration

2. Wearable technology

3. Drone imagery

4. Modular construction

5. Green construction

6. Management software

Cloud-based collaboration

The internet and advancements in digital technology have made it easier than ever to collaborate with your team. Taking your files digital with centralized storage means every member of your team can find the information they need, wherever they are. You can ditch cumbersome binders and paperwork on the construction site for cloud-based collaboration tools like Dropbox that can store all of your essential documents in one place.

Wearable Technology

Trades-focused wearable gadgets like 3D glasses and smart helmets may make construction sites safer and more efficient than ever before. These emerging construction technologies can help your crew communicate on-site, track the location of a tradesperson who may have had an accident, and help with difficult tasks such as handling heavy machinery and equipment.

Drone Imagery

Drones are already making their way into other commercial industries like delivery and agriculture, and we predict they may soon transfer over to the construction trades as well. Imagine being able to achieve absolute accuracy in measurements with 2D or 3D images of the entire job site before you ever visit. The coordinate-based features of drones provide this and other opportunities to streamline your business –with the potential for an even more significant role as the intelligence behind this technology continues to evolve and improve.

Modular construction

Modular –or off-site –construction, refers to standardized processes of assembling as much as possible off-site. Manufacturing companies that have already started implementing this strategy have seen lower costs, a reduced number of injuries, and a lead time reduced by as much as 65%. There may also be some environmental benefits of factory assembly because more materials can be recycled instead of tossed into landfills on the job site.

Green Construction

Speaking of the environment, green construction is an eco-friendly take on the processes that typically go into a construction project. Construction technologies and innovations that repurpose recyclables and other materials for construction and incorporate renewable energy and energy-saving techniques into new builds are helping to pave a more sustainable path forward in the construction trades.

Management Software

Our final emerging construction technology on our list is construction management software. These digital tools are designed to help you handle every detail of a construction project, from scheduling and timelines to managing workflow, finances, and clients. This list of top construction management software options may be a good place to start if you’re looking to streamline your company’s processes and harness the power of tech for efficiency and growth.

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